Rank Identification 

White Ridge Pack Member Rank are identified by the bird feathers that are weaved into their longer neckfur

Alphas: Two Golden Eagle Feathers
Ferruginous Hawk 
Heir: One Golden Eagle Feather
Delta: Redtail Hawk
Elite Soldiers: Common Blackhawk
Elite Hunters: Snowy Owl
Spiritual: Yellow Warbler
Healers: Two feathers. Cardinal (male), to show rank, and dove as a white flag that they do not fight.
Legends: Steller's Jay (Male)
Elders:  Oriole
Eye of the Forest: none
Omegas: Quail
Pups: None

The Laws of The White Ridge Pack

1. Respect higher ranking members. Higher ranking members must also respect lower ranked members in turn.

2. Always call the Alphas & Beta by their whole name (no shortcuts, like just Silver or just River for Silver River)

3. No one may eat before the Alphas, Betas, expecting and nursing mothers and pups

4. Pups and expecting mothers get choice portions of the kill. Those who take choice portions before pups and expecting mothers will be reprimanded by the Alphas, Betas, or the Delta.

5. Never question the authority of higher ranking members.

6. Only Alphas and Betas may mark the territory. If the land is expanded enough, the Alphas may allow the Delta to do this as well.

7. Lone pups that get accepted into the pack get to choose out of any of the members who will take care of them. They may also choose not to pick anybody and to care for themselves.

8. If a physical fight should ensue between two characters then either one of the Alphas or one of the Betas must be summoned (assuming there are witnesses to the fight). They will not interfere with the fight, but will allow the wolves to battle out their problem until a winner emerges. They will step in only if it appears that it will turn deadly. Ranks can not be attained through fights, if your character wants a rank it must be requested to the Alpha. However, fights that were started just to provoke the other's character and do purposely fight for no reason will be demoted and if it continues, banished.

9. If your character murders a packmember and gets caught, your character will in turn be killed by either the Alphas or by someone that the Alpha/s choose. Permission by the player is needed for one packmember to murder another, and if given then the player of the murderer automatically agrees to having that character killed back.

10. Torture is prohibited and punishable by the same acts the one who harms the other has done. This goes for the killing of a murderer (stated above), prisoners from war, etc. *Example: Wolf 1, for no reason, tears off the ears of another packmember. Punishment for Wolf 1 is getting his ears torn off.

11. Only Alphas and Betas may accept members into the pack