Rank Identification

Swift River Clan packmembers are marked with a distinct vertical scar on their right fore shoulder.

Their rank is identified by the trinkets that they wear around their neck on a thin piece of leather hide.

Alphas: Bear Claw
Betas: Cougar Tooth/Teeth
Delta: Wolverine or Badger Claw
Scout: Small Rodent Skull
Healer: Dove Feather
Elders: Wear the strip but no trinket, showing that their years of service to the pack are done.
Pups: None
Apprentice: None, until they gain their own trinket.

The Laws of The Swift River Clan

1. The Alpha(s) word is law. It is to be obeyed without question.

2. Respect is paramount. All lower ranking members must respect those of higher ranks, but the highest ranks must also treat the lower ranks with a measure of respect.

3. The pack's welfare before one's own. This covers many bases, from hunting to patrolling to war.

4. Loyalty to the pack must come before loyalty to any one member.

5. Those sent out on hunting patrols must return with prey before they themselves will be allowed to eat. Anyone breaking this law will be severely reprimanded by the alphas.

6. Pups and Elders are the first allowed to eat, followed by the alphas, betas, tellers,  scouts, apprentices, and omegas. The one exception to this rule applies to those female wolves that are nursing pups, as they will generally need more nourishment than others.

7. TSRC wolves should never kill another wolf in combat, if it can be avoided. TSRC fights only to establish dominence and prove its strength.

8. Intentionally spilling the blood of a packmate will lead to immediate banishment. However, spilling the blood of a medicine wolf will result in immediate death, sentence to be carried out by the alphas.