Pack Ranks:

Alphas: (Closed)
Corona & Silver River

Heir: (Closed)

Betas: (Closed)
Whispering Owl

Delta: (Closed)
Summit Shadow

Spiritual: (Closed)

Legend: (Closed)

Healers: (Open)
Stone Fur
Shining Skybird

Elite Hunters: (Closed)

Elite Warriors: (Closed)
Black Stag

Retired Elders: (Open)
Silver Eagle

Pack Members: (Open)
Dusted Leaf

Pups: (Open)
Green Leaf
White Star
Red Stone
Swift Falcon

Omegas: (Open)

The Gods and Spirits of The White Ridge Religion

Great Wolf

A massive male wolf with a long, flowing solid white coat. His pure white eyes glow no matter day or night. He is the lord of wolves and other canids, having sculpted wolves out of the clouds and teaching then to live and work together on earth. He guards the great mountain in the sky where each wolf will return and wait until they are ready to be reborn.

Storm Wolf

Storm wolf is described as being a huge wolf with deep blue-black and grey swirled fur. His eyes are a bright yellow color. Lightning crackles around Storm Wolf periodically and more so when he’s been angered. He works in tandem with Sun Wolf and sometimes Frost Wolf to bring thunderstorms to the lands below. When the thunder rolls, it is Storm Wolf running through the heavens.

Frost Wolf and Sun Wolf

These two are twin sisters, and responsible for the changing seasons.

Frost Wolf is described as a pale grey wolfess with white speckles starting from her back and down her legs while her paws are a darker grey, fading upwards on her legs. Her eyes are a pale ice blue.

Sun Wolf is described as pale cream wolfess with a warmer orange color starting on her back and fading down towards her stomach. She has white streak down through her fur, like falling rain. Her eyes are a warm brown.

During the equinoxes the two sisters fight and the sister representing the upcoming season always wins out. Fun fact: When either one of the sisters approaches a wolf alone, the temperature will go up (Sun Wolf) or down (Frost Wolf). If both approach at the same time, the temperature will stay the same.

Life Wolf

Life Wolf is responsible for Love, Fertility, and Birth. He is a pure white wolf with large white wings, much like those of a dove. His eyes are a pure bright blue. Life Wolf is a compassionate spirit, also considered a good spirit despite the fact that he is the wolf that leads wolves back to The Mountain in The Sky when they pass on.

Wisdom Wolf

Wisdom Wolf is the wolf responsible for knowledge, learning, and memory. He is a shorter wolf with a brown body and white neck, chest, and stomach. Intermingled with his fur are feathers and he has large owl wings. His eyes are a deep and wise green.

Death Wolf

Death Wolf is the spirit responsible for death and destruction. He is a truly horrific spirit to behold. Seemingly a mix of a wolf and a raven, Death Wolf’s body is covered in a mix of fur and feathers (what remains of his body at least.) His eyes are nothing but small glowing pits of red in a darker hollow of his skull. His fangs are of the deepest black and he is continuously drooling blood. His claws are long and wicked, sharp as eagle’s talons.

His body is difficult to maintain, the more evil souls he taints and devours, the more his flesh will regenerate and the stronger he becomes. It is not uncommon for Death Wolf to be seen with parts of his skull exposed when he hasn’t taken in enough souls to regenerate his flesh.